The value of being useful is a way of life. Let us be the useful heroes in this history of humanity.

The books

When I share knowledge, I connect with people

The book “The monk who became CEO” , has been translated and published in Serbian and Ukrainian. The book “From Manhattan to Mount Athos” has been translated and published in Ukrainian and Romanian.

When I was 30 years old I wanted to be successful. Over time I realized my desire to be happy.

Thodoris Spiliotis

“It is a great thing to share knowledge and even greater to learn”

Welcome to a world where words have power and create useful stories. Through my writing I seek to inspire, to connect with my readers, to guide them on a journey of personal growth.

My experience on Mount Athos was the motivation for the creation of my books and my contribution to strengthening the “Value of Being Useful” to people.

Athonian management

The foundation of Athonian Management starts from the business lessons of Mount Athos that I acquired. The management of Mount Athos is the Greek management and is a cognitive revelation in the business world. As it is well known, heads of large companies seek to gain experiential knowledge of Athonian Management to make critical decisions for the sustainability of their businesses. Athonian Management is a living organization of continuous success applied to the philosophy of a modern company.

But how could it be applied in a business?

When a structure, business, society, has traditions, customs, traditions and values, it is preserved in time. The Athonian Management is a system a thousand years in continuous action.

The opposite of love is fear. If you don’t love what you do, you can get to a point, but you can’t stand out.