Athonian Management

Athonian Management is truly one of the cognitive surprises that Mount Athos has in store for you, a business revelation whose resilience and effectiveness over time makes it a model of Management.

Its basic principles have been applied for dozens of years in global business giants. People from all over the world with key positions as CEOs of large companies, resort to the teachings of Mount Athos for making future decisions of their business, acquiring experiential knowledge of Athonian Management.

These principles through my systematic and meticulous personal research I have identified and studied within the bosom of the Athonite State. A knowledge to be used for the proper guidance of business teams through trainings, lectures and mentoring.

A disciplined man is a free man

Three core values of Athonian management


We humiliate our ego


I know where I’m going, what I’m doing, what I want, through my discipline

Ethos & Integrity

You become a useful person

Successful Management Practices


Development of autonomy in a company / organization for maximum duration in time


Rotation, changing jobs helps and develops employees to better learn how each job functions


Unity, ties the team to work as a whole, thus increasing productivity

The book “The Monk Who Became CEO” can be an important stimulus for new approaches in the field of “good business”