Thodoris Spiliotis

Welcome to a world where words become useful stories and thinking discovers new dimensions. I am Thodoris Spiliotis and through my writing I seek to inspire and connect with my readers on a journey of discovery and growth.

It’s a great thing to share knowledge and even greater to learn

Education & Training Interests

Born in Athens, I studied Electronic Engineering in London and continued my postgraduate studies in Telematics (Msc in Telematics – Middlesex University) and Business Administration (MBA – Kingston University). Living in England shaped my mature approach to work I started working in environments that instilled in me mentoring, supporting the ideas of young people and business leaders. After years of experience in research and development companies I decided to start my own technology company in 2014 with advanced software applications.

Partnerships & Activities

I actively contribute to innovation by participating as a speaker in major technology, tourism and entrepreneurship conferences (TEDx, Mindspark), but also as a scientific collaborator and lecturer at the Institute of Continuous Education of the General Staff of the National Defence Forces (GNDF). Through my activity as a member of the scientific evaluation committee, as a mentor in the Light hub’s entrepreneurship support structure and in organisations abroad (Advisory Board of the New York Charitable Foundation), I support the development and evolution of new practices. Since 2018, with the foundation of Athonikos Management, I have strengthened my presence in the field of education in universities and companies in Greece and abroad.

My trip to Mount Athos in 2016 was the trigger for the publication of the best-selling books “The Monk who became CEO – 1000 years of Athonian management” and “From Manhattan to Mount Athos”. My writing career and the gradual development of my coaching skills have pushed me to continue to offer and enhance the “Value of Being Useful” to people.

The value of a useful person is to offer and give in an ever-changing world

Useful Moments

  • to Mount Athos (while the head abbot was away - everything worked like a well-tuned machine)
  • Mindspark Alexandroupoli - Thessaloniki - Trikala
  • the protagonist of the book "From Manhattan to Mount Athos", trying to put together the puzzle of his life
  • Athonite Management at Boston College in Boston
  • at Tedx Chania on "The Athonian Management - 7 Secrets of the Monks"
  • on Athonian Management in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Lectures in major companies in Greece and abroad
  • at Tedx Agion Anargyron on "From Manhattan to Mount Athos"
  • Thebook "The Monk Who Became CEO" is published in Serbian
  • Mentoring in startup companies
  • Speeches in Universities in Greece and abroad on Athonian Management
  • The 13th edition of the book "The Monk who became CEO" is published
  • The books "From Manhattan to Mount Athos" and "The Monk Who Became CEO" are publishedin Ukrainian
  • Mentoring to business executives
  • The book "From Manhattan to Mount Athos" is published in Ukrainian