A useful employer or entrepreneur is someone who does not see his employees simply as means of production but as people with needs and values

Management and Leadership Stories

When we do something to help someone else, we not only make their life better, but ours too

Through this book, you can probably reflect on…

Consider whether you are doing it well, whether you can do it differently, whether there is another way. Don’t forget that there is good, but there is always better. And because the worst of ignorance is ignorance, we suggest, if you want to, that you don’t ignore it and read it. Read it to find out the opinions that some people have formed through their experience.

For the first time, people in key positions of responsibility from leading Business, Education, the Military and the Church bring together their views and confess, through their experiences, their stories of Leadership, Management and Crisis Response.

They all give generously of their knowledge of management, experience and philosophy of life within these pages, only with the benefit of the satisfaction that someone may, one day, get something useful from this book. A phenomenal book that will change the way some people think.

Executives of large corporations, leaders of the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches, university professors, publishers, hospital and health care administrators, presidents and CEOs of private and public organizations, human resource trainers and military officers gather their views on team management.

The proceeds of the authors and participants will be donated to the charitable organizations The Smile of the Child, SOS Children’s Villages, Ark of the World and Alma Zois.