Rejection is simply a negative response. Nothing more.

Stories of failure from people who have succeeded

There is no failure, there is learning

After the success of Grow, a group of people in key positions of responsibility come together to talk about failure in the second book in the series.

Professionals from the fields of Business, Education, Health, Security, Security Forces and the Church talk for the first time about their professional and personal choices that did not work out, but through them they tried to learn and become better.

What would they change, what would they do differently?

They share their personal experiences to protect those who read this book, avoiding the same mistakes in similar situations.

A self-improvement book whose sole purpose is to evolve.

Few have the courage to talk about their failures…

Even fewer to learn from them…

For the first time, entrepreneurs, business executives, monks and clergy, teachers and executives of education, the armed forces, security and health professionals speak through their stories about what not to do or repeat.