Look up for light and down for humility

From Manhattan to Mount Athos

The key to a good party is to fill the room with guests more interesting than you

“You need to get lost to find your way.”

The protagonist of this true story is potentially every reader. The twists, surprises and thrills it holds are, on a micro scale, the definition of human life. And if the recording of this personal story aspires to achieve anything, it is precisely to inspire in its readers the courage to live their lives as their heart and their calculus dictates.

September 1973. Manhattan, a global commercial and business centre. In Athens, the escalating student mobilisations against the Junta of the Colonels foreshadowed the great revolt of the Polytechnic in November of the same year. The emerging socio-political tension and insecurity in the country lead Peter to the decision to leave his homeland and family behind and go to New York, the metropolis of the world, to study.

How much does the American dream and the “sky is the limit” philosophy influence him in his personal self-realization and happiness?

January 2020. After all, how many miles of road separate apparent success from true happiness?

If the story of the monk turned CEO communicated the principles of Athonian Management to the business and wider readership, the book From Manhattan to Mount Ath os illuminates the path of inner vision (or liberation) as the only way to personal happiness.