Usefulness gives us a purpose in life

The value of being Useful

Let’s be the useful ones who make a difference

The value of being useful is a fascinating search for the essence of usefulness. The book highlights, through thorough scientific research and exploration, the importance of utility in our personal lives, in the community and in society in general. It encourages us to explore our true role in the world by answering the following key questions:

What is the importance of utility in our lives?
How can we positively impact society and the world through utility?
How, practically, can we develop our utility?
How can we discover our higher purpose in life?
What are the consequences of the lack of utility in society and in the world?
Who defines utility and how does it vary from person to person?
How can utility be linked to the satisfaction of our needs?
Who is more in need of utility, the person who provides it or the person who receives it?
When is a product or service considered useful?
What are the effects of a lack of critical thinking on the development of utility?
What is the link between utility and success in the business environment?
When is an employee or employer considered useful?
When is a government useful, or considered useful?

Every act of utility can have a great impact on the lives of those around us. The value of being useful is a way of life that requires conscious effort and constant self-evaluation. There is only one option: to be useful. Only then do we feel fullness.